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Group Overview / History


The Moroto group encompasses a wide range of industries, from forestry, where we cultivate trees as a sustainable natural resource, to real estate ventures, which strive to create more urban spaces. We hope to deliver true prosperity to individuals and society through our comprehensive business acumen. Our group’s companies are ready to bring together their individual know-how and networks to address all needs and challenges.

Company Name: Moroto Holdings Co., Ltd.
Name of Representatives: Representative Director Kiyotaka Moroto, Kiyoyasu Moroto, Kiyomitsu Moroto.
Business Area: Real Estate Leasing
Head Office: Display map 18, Taichimaru, Kuwana, Mie Prefecture
TEL.0594-21-1133 FAX.0594-21-1109
Tokyo Office: Display map Shin-Tokyo Building 2F-No.231, 3-3-1, Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
TEL.03-3214-4991 FAX.03-3214-4992


1863 Seiroku Moroto founded Utsumiya (which later became the Moroto Store) in Kuwana District, Ise Province (now Kuwana, Mie Prefecture).
1878 Seiroku Moroto became a purveyor for the Ministry of Finance.
1889 The head office was moved to Taichimaru, Kuwana-cho (which later became Kuwana city), Mie Prefecture. Utsumiya was renamed the Moroto Store.
1890 The forestry business was started after acquisition of a piece of forested land in Misetani, Odai-cho, Taki District, Mie Prefecture.
1896 Seiroku Moroto acquired forested lands in Sakanoshitamura, Suzuka District, Mie Prefecture, and Mt.Tanzawa in Kanagawa Prefecture.
1897 Seiroku Moroto acquired additional forested land in Kabutomura, Suzuka District, Mie Prefecture. The forestry business at Sakanoshitamura and Mt.Tanzawa commenced.
1940 Moroto Forest Co., Ltd. was established.
1955 Tokyo Service Co., Ltd. was established.
1957 Moroto Shokai Co., Ltd. was established.
1967 Moroto Tochi Co., Ltd. was established.
1968 Moroto Forest Co., Ltd. acquired more forested land in Minamiizu, Shizuoka Prefecture.
1972 Green Plaza Co., Ltd. was established along with the construction of Three Lakes Country Club.
1977 Three Lakes Country Club officially opened in Inabe, Mie Prefecture.
1989 The real estate business in the Tokyo metropolitan area was officially inaugurated with the completion of Moroto Building I by Tokyo Service Co., Ltd.
1992 Moroto Building II was completed by Moroto Forest Co., Ltd.
1995 BOSCO Auto Camp Base officially opened on Mt.Tanzawa, Kanagawa Prefecture.
2001 The Sun Ebisu apartment building was completed on land owned by Moroto Tochi Co., Ltd.
2004 Moroto Holdings Co., Ltd. was established as a holding company for the Moroto Group.
2004 The Forest Nanpeidai apartments were completed by Moroto Forest Co., Ltd., followed by commencement of the apartment rental business.
2005 Moroto Forestry Landscape Co., Ltd. was founded to run the forestry projects previously operated by Moroto Forest Co., Ltd.
2006 Three Lakes Country Club Co., Ltd. was established to manage the golf course as an independent company.
2007 To separate the real estate and forestry businesses, Moroto Forest Co., Ltd. was renamed Moroto Building Co., Ltd. and another spin-off company was established under the name Moroto Forest Co., Ltd.
2008 Moroto Forestry Landscaping Co., Ltd. merged with Moroto Forest Co., Ltd.
2013 Moroto Land Co., Ltd. merged with Moroto Shokai Co., Ltd. and Moroto Forestry Co., Ltd. before changing the company name to Moroto Forestry Co., Ltd.
2013 Moroto Building Co., Ltd. commenced its electric power generation business.
2018 Moroto Building Co., Ltd. and Tokyo Service Co., Ltd. both merged with Moroto Holdings Co., Ltd.
2018 Established 18banchi Co., Ltd. for area branding operations.
2018 Machiyado Kuwanajuku, accommodation business, started in Kuwana , Mie Prefecture.
2018 Cafe Hajime opened in Kuwana , Mie Prefecture
2020 Moroto Group Management Co., Ltd. was newly founded from Moroto Holdings Co., Ltd. in order to divide the asset holding company and the operating holding company.
2021 Restaurant Gion 0(Rei) opened in Gion, Kyoto Prefecture.
2021 Soup Cafe Chords opened in Kuwana , Mie Prefecture.
2021 Cafe En opened in Sekijuku, Kameyama, Mie Prefecture.
2021 Wine bar Scene opened in Kuwana , Mie Prefecture.
2022 Moroto Holdings Co.,Ltd. absorbed and merged Moroto Forestry Co., Ltd.
2022 Established Moroto Corporation (regional company) and Kuwana Area Management Co., Ltd. (community development promotion company).