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A piece of natural paradise just outside the city center, the forest surrounding our campsite has been named one of the "Top 50 Forests in Kanagawa." The ground is blessed with a number of crystal-clear streams, along which the campsite is located, where you can relax in the dappled sunlight while watching birds flying above. Our hospitality is well-rounded with wheelchair-accessible bathrooms so that everyone can come and enjoy the wonder of nature.

BOSCO Auto Camp Base
Approximately 1000h in area, BOSCO Auto Camp Base covers a vast expanse of greenery fully supplied with running water, toilets, and even a hot water system. Beloved by outdoor enthusiasts, children, and female visitors alike, this is a place where you can also treat your family to a BBQ meal in the wild.

FLICK Fishing Field
We have established FLICK Fishing Area along a mountain stream in our campsite for both beginners and veterans of lure or fly fishing. Despite being a privately-run fishing area, we strive to maintain its original habitat by releasing mostly trout and char, which are native to Tanzawa, to encourage natural breeding.

Auto Camp
Auto Camp
Auto Camp

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